Julie Sumner, Founder

Julie’s personal motto is “Alis volat propriis”, which is Latin for “She flies with her own wings.” And even though she may not have realized it in her younger days, that is exactly what she has done her whole life. Julie has never quite fit into any one box. For a perfectionist and rule-follower (and admittedly, a goody-tw0-shoes in her younger years), this was sometimes a difficult thing for Julie to reconcile: her need to “fit in,” be a “good girl,” and follow the rules, versus her desire to break the mold, fight for change, and strive for something different.

In Goldilocks fashion, Julie spent four years after college as a social worker in the Detroit area. But that didn’t quite fit, so she moved to Cleveland and went to law school. She graduated, got a job with a well-respected firm in downtown Cleveland, became a partner, and practiced labor and employment litigation for 12 years. But that didn’t quite fit either.

Losing her father in 2014 made Julie realize, more than ever, that tomorrow is not promised. She knew it was time to find the “right fit.” Julie began looking for other jobs – in-house counsel, non-legal jobs – but, alas, none of those seemed to fit. One day, while driving down the highway (at perhaps a slightly excessive rate of speed), Julie came up with the idea to start her own company. At that moment, a Monarch butterfly flew across her windshield. Julie knew that was a sign from her father that her inclination was right. She had finally found the right fit . . . because she had created it herself.

In July 2016, Julie launched Monarch Endeavors, LLC. Initially, she focused on providing training to HR professionals and companies across the country. She then began expanding her services to include consulting with companies on all manner of issues, from safety to HR to women’s business development. And finally, due to demand from her clients, Julie began coaching individuals to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

Julie brings her passion, compassion, and undying spirit to every service she provides. No matter what service Julie is providing, she never forgets that it is a service. She sees her purpose as helping others see themselves in a new light – one that gives them the confidence to fly with their own wings.